Creating a look that allows you to be known

My philosophy for makeup is that people should see your eyes before they see the makeup.  They should say "you look amazing!" not "your makeup looks amazing".  And your hair should support the shape of your face first as it is never viewed without your face as the focus. 



My philosophy 

I've been a makeup artist since I was 6 years old, but professionally for 20 years.  There is no greater honor than to help make someone feel amazing.  I accomplish this by listening first.  You know what you can carry off and you know your personality better than I do.   Makeup and hair should point people right to your eyes, the windows to the soul.  The eyes should be a restful place for others to peer into and see who you truly are and not be distracted by anything else. Once you've captured someone's true attention, you become better able to be known, to be heard, to influence, and to encourage.

Stephanie Goldsmith Makeup Artist


San Antonio, TX, USA

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