Stephanie Goldsmith

Introducing A Secret Coaching Society.......

But why is it a secret?  We are made for community to thrive best when arms are linked toward a common goal but to openly adopt and be adopted by a special group requires trust!  Trusting the principle truth: "We attract what we are" means together we unite and delight in being known and connected at an intimate level.  By personal invitation we avoid the Diva, The Drama Queen, The Narcissist, and The Sad Sap and because much of the coaching requires everyone's input, we can't have any spot light thieves.


How does it work?

With Zoom mostly!  Daily standup meetings in the morning and evening allow you to state your intentions and recall your progress or identify your pitfalls.  Challenges and giveaways awaken the competitive spirit all female entrepreneurs seem to have.  Daily brain programming via videos, articles, books and podcasts keeps your mind focused so you can avoid bad habits that tank your productivity.  Having a like minded team of coaches and cheerleaders rooting for you and paying attention means you're always held accountable!

—Stephanie Goldsmith


My philosophy 

Entrepreneur since birth, I have created more businesses than I can count.  Many never born, several failed, and a few were epic successes.  The most valuable takeaway from every win and every loss can be reduced to the same tiny nugget; YOU are selling yourself, not your product or service.  The more you grow your confidence, the better your business. 

This secret coaching society will grow your confidence through discovery of truth, acceptance of limitations, and extreme accountability.  Understanding how the brain operates independently of ambition and motivation can be the key unlocking your highest potential in any industry.

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The DEtails

Twice daily meetings occur M-Th at 7am and 9pm CST via zoom with camera on or off.  These meetings last 15 min and everyone is asked to share their intentions/goals for the day each morning you'll score yourself each evening.  Attendance is up to you. 

Weekly Challenges will be industry open and intended to produce better social media interaction primarily through FaceBook. Participation is up to you.

Weekly Giveaway will sometimes be prizes valuing $10 or less and some will be quite expensive but everyone will have a chance to win multiple times based on your participation not results.

Twice Daily Texts will be personal messages of encouragement from me OR links to articles or media specific to your goals.

Happy Hour at 6pm two Fridays per month for half an hour via zoom for pure frivolity and fun!  Get to know the society members, play trivia, win extra prizes and laugh with pinkies in the air and beverage of choice!

Annual Trip will occur in October each year at a location to be announced in July of each year.  Designed to be affordable, inclusive of all personality types, and completely without agenda!

FAQ 1 How much is it to be in the secret coaching society?  Intro pricing will only be available through March at $99/mo OR $399 for 5 months if paid in full up front!  You can also get one month free when you refer two new members!! (after members have paid for two months or in full, you'll receive your free month OR if you're paid in full, you'll get a $99 credit for the next session.)

FAQ 2 How long does it last and what is the commitment? January through May is First Session.  There will be a Summer session June through August and Second Session is September through December.  You will commit one session at a time to receive $99 rate.  Monthly and pro-rated plans will be billed at $139/mo.

FAQ 3 Who can join?  You must be invited by a member to join.  You don't need any other requirement.  Any industry, any business or NO business at all, everyone can benefit from personal growth.

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