Update your look with pro techniques &  better products

Everything about your appearance speaks to others before you actually speak.  Maybe it's unfair but it is human nature to make assumptions about someone based on how they present themselves.  Make sure your appearance is a true representation of your heart and soul.  Limit distractions and point people right to your heart by adding a bit of finesse to your makeup, hair, and clothing.  Make sure that your 'look' says RELEVANT, HONEST, & VALUED.  You can't help but feel better when everyone begins to take notice of you in the best possible way!   Lessons with a pro will make a huge impact.  

At your location or mine, the initial lesson is $95 OR free when you agree to purchase new tools and makeup at a minimum of $150. 

Advice on hair and clothing is part of the package!

Lessons usually take an hour and a half and additional lessons can be purchased at a discount for multiple (or purchasing new products at each lesson can replace the fee) 

San Antonio Makeup Lessons


San Antonio, TX, USA

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