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Blonde Brows can be a real struggle! How do you know what color to buy? What if its too orange or too brassy? Can you take it back after you bought it? Let's put the mystery of the blonde brow buy to rest. There are a few great products out there at different price points and availability so you can solve your blonde brow problem today...and please do so. The brows are the boobs of the face! Without them, your face has no central grounding focus, no frame. It's a real issue, let's solve it.

Brows frame the face and and point other people's attention to your eyes. Brow structure and color along with concealer will do more to make your eyes grab attention than mascara or eyeliner! Let me explain: Take a look at the images. Focus on the iris of the eyes in each. Do you find it difficult to stay focused? Are you sorta searching for something? Is it a tad unsettling to try to rest on the eyes in each photo?

The problem in each photo is the lack of structure or framing. The structure/frame is either missing, too eratic, or distractingly messy.

Below is a map of how to get the right points and from there, just connect the dots from 1 2 3 on the top and the bottom of the brow and then fill in the middle. You can watch a video about it HERE! Skip to 32.25 to get right to the brow portion!

Even if you get those blonde brow beauties trimmed into shape, you still have to get the right shade of color to even them out and make them do their job of pointing to your eyes without screaming attention to themselves first! And professional makeup artists will tell you we all have a secret. SSSSHHH. We pretty much use one color on just about everyone. Yep. With a few exceptions, we always go for an ashy light taupe color. It's safe. It's almost universal and you should try it!

It can be hard to find!

But I solved the blonde brow problem for you! I'm giving you buying options and a how to video on structure! Send your thank you cards and gifts in the mail, please and thank you. Wink!

So, you're armed with info now and you're ready to tame the frame? Here are some options that won't be too brassy, too dark, or too red like these to the left and will solve your problem of blonde brows!

LEAST EXPENSIVE OPTION: This is an old favorite in a new package! But beware, the wax is soft and takes a bit of finesse to apply the right amount! Hey, for that price, it can't be perfect!

TIP ALERT! Make use of the spoolie and brush those babies upward! Use tiny scissors to trim if hairs are too long, but only trim half what you think you should! Don't cut too short!

BEST CHOICE FOR PRODUCT JUNKIES: If you're a shopaholic makeup junkie and have an addiction to anything marketed by a celebrity or on sale at Sephora, HERE is your best choice. Stay away from some of the other popular brands like Anastasia. I've tried them and the hype is all flamed by twinkie tweens who think Rhianna is actually making her own makeup. (you do know better, right?)

BEST BET FOR BLONDE BROWS: LimeLife's new brow pencil "Claim to Fame" in LIGHT is a solid choice for any blonde from alopecia naked brows to the too dark brows of a bottle blonde. Add definition and texture by layering the medium gel over the blonde pencil for this look:

TIP ALERT! YES, you can always return makeup! Even half used. As long as it's within the seller's return window, you can take it back! No explanation needed. They may ask you for one, but you don't owe them any more than a receipt and a smile. Save your receipts for all makeup purchases. And if you're buying from me, I will always buy back your products even outside of LimeLife's return window. I don't want you to have anything you aren't using and loving!

Did you learn something you didn't know? Know anyone else who might benefit from this post? Consider sharing! If you're using one of the products recommended, drop of photo in the comments and tell us how you're liking it! The more we commune, the more immune we are to hype.

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