You get what you pay for

Experience is priceless.  Attitude is everything.  Makeup and hair is an investment protecting the heirloom and very expensive photos you're about to pay for!  The less the photographer has to touch up your images, the more authentic they appear.  And you want to spend this day with someone who can bring positive energy and fun vibes to the room.  

First rate is for both hair and makeup and the second price is for just one service or the other (hair or makeup). 

Trial run at my location: $175/$120

Trial run at your location: $250/$195

Event day at your location per person with a minimum of 3 people: 


Second Artist Fee: $350, required for more than 5 people receiving both services (hair & makeup)

10% Discount for paying in full at the time of the booking

$500 deposit to secure date.  Deposit forfeits the opportunity for the 10% discount.

In action makeup directors chair San Antonio makeup artist


San Antonio, TX, USA

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