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I'm Stephanie Goldsmith, I've been a pro makeup artist for over 25 years and I also do event hair.  You can find me teaching on TikTok @stephaniedubosego and I am currently taking about 10 weddings a year for hair/makeup!

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My Story

I carved my way into makeup after realizing the insurance industry stifled my creativity in a way that was causing me to lose myself.  I bought some used books by Kevin Aucoin and began studying images and faces to see what humans rewarded as beautiful.  I call it the science of pretty.   


I spent 10 years building a makeup and hair team in Dallas, TX in the Turtle Creek area working with wedding royalty and learning the highest standards of  beauty in a city that works very hard to impress!  Now in my home town of San Antonio with a husband and 4 kids, I still do a few weddings here and there but mostly teach basic principals to others through social media and online and in person consultations.  You can booke a consult right here on my site under the BUY GLOSS and MAKEUP CONSULTS tab.  


Consults are paid for here and I will reach out to schedule your 1 hour online consultation once it's paid for.  Can't wait to e-meet you!  If you're local to the SA area, lets do it in real life!


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